Muddy Madness

Muddy Madness:

Mud has the honor of being one of the best parts in CEC- Child Educational Center! Every child gets to experience the feeling of being covered in mud and dirt. Mud is not just a squishy substance to play in but it also provides children an opportunity to expand upon their knowledge through their senses and imagination. MSB Nasik Pre primary section hosted an exceptional event for our little toddlers along with their fathers named *Muddy Madness*. Mud was squished in hands and stomped through with their tiny feet as the children enjoyed the sensations that mud provides. Mud also became a costume that children and their dads had put on and allowed their imagination to run wild. Science was also present in this muddy madness! As they continuously mixed the dirt with the water to experiment and observe the texture of the changing mud. The duo entered through hoola hoops in the muddy puddles. The children cooked delicious chocolates using the mud and moulds for their dad and friends. Muddy tracks and muddy slides made them turn head over heels. All these activities helped to tactile the stimulation of children and their fathers. Hot chocolate milk was later distributed among all. The mud must have been washed off but the memories will last forever.

  • Centre:MSB Nasik
  • Date:13 Oct,2022

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