Seasons and Professions

Seasons and Professions:

Seasons and Professions Learning about seasons helps children understand the passage of time and teaches how change occurs. Also it's important to know the various professions of people around us. Language is the most important medium to connect. Learning various languages enhance expressions and communication with others. The little ones of Grade 1 and 2 came up with an event which comprised of the three main seasons and the diverse professions practised by the people everywhere. The tiny tots of Grade 1 dressed up according to the seasons and portrayed the importance of each season. The sunny dews of Grade 2 showcased the diverse occupations practised everywhere. The cherry on the cake was the use of 4 different languages English, Lisaan-ud-dawat, Hindi and Marathi with perfect enunciation and expression.

  • Centre:MSB Nasik
  • Date:13 Sep,2022

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