Cakes and Bakes-Milad Special

Cakes and Bakes-Milad Special:

In this year's Ashara Mubarakah waaz Aqa Maula TUS quoted Amirul Mumineen's(AS) Kalam Mubarak:- "I sought supremacy and found it in seeking Knowledge and Taqwa." In the light of the above mentioned Kalam Mubarak we at MSB are trying to enhance children's knowledge in different skill development. Students can learn: What's in our food? One of the most important factor kids can know what actually goes into the food that we eat. Accuracy and Measurement in mathematics can be applied. Application of Science is through heat transfer and different temperatures required to cook different type of food. Following instructions, patience, and cleaning up your mess can be learnt.

  • Centre:MSB Nasik
  • Date:30 Nov,2021

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