Plant Trees! Save Earth!

Plant Trees! Save Earth!:

In the garden, pull the weeds. Dig the hole and plant some seeds! Cover them up, water them too, Watch them grow in front of you. Make sure the sprout gets lots of sun. To grow a plant is tons of fun!!! To attain the Khushi Mubarak of our beloved Aqa Maula TUS, MSB Nasik effectuated their first Home Science activity of Gardening on the occasion of World Environment Day. As Rasulullah SAW states " The Sight of Greenery Improves One’s Vision", our prime goal was to bring children closer to nature and its importance in coexistence. The importance of kitchen gardening was emphasized by sharing the tips of using seeds available at home. Concepts of composting and organic farming were elucidated for the children to perform where everyone came together with the aim of- Each One Plants One!

  • Centre:MSB Nasik
  • Date:10 Nov,2021

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