26th January

26th January :

Embarking on a journey celebrating the spirit of togetherness and knowledge at MSB Educational Institute, Nasik on 26th January!  

The Indian flag was gracefully unfurled by the chief guest, Mr. Harshad Sadashiv Aaradhi, Joint Commissioner of IncomeTax, Nasik, embodying a shared commitment to unity followed by an insightful speech in Marathi reflecting on the essence of the Indian Constitution.

As the day commenced with the soulful Tilawatul Quran, later diving into the rich tapestry of our nation, the "Incredible India" segment unfolded the diverse facets – from Indian states to top universities, natural vegetation to languages, and stories of young entrepreneurs who rose to prominence after studying in India. 

In a powerful moment, "We the Children" took a pledge, standing tall and proud for the values that bind us together.

 Nasheed melodies filled the air, accompanied by a heartfelt poem capturing the essence of unity in diversity. 

A special thanks to everyone who contributed to making this celebration a vibrant and memorable event! 

  • Centre:MSB Nasik
  • Date:26 Jan,2024

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