Musabaqat Hifz al Quran

Musabaqat Hifz al Quran:

Moulana Ali AS states 
" Quran woh Gena che Daulat che ke je na baad koi Faqr nathi "
In the light of this kalaam mubarak , Musabaqat Hifz al Quran was held among the Pre-Primary Students of Msb Nasik. 
A selection round was held and 7 students from each section were selected for the Final Round
4 teams were formed on the theme of Daulat which were:
Al Yaqoot al Ahmar
Al Yaqoot al Azraq
Al Aqeeq
Al Zamarrud

The little participants were dressed according to their team color and it was a wonderful sight seeing these small children answering difficult questions with such confidence and accuracy. 
The parents were there in full strength to support and applaud their children. 
The competition ended on the Matam of Imam e Husain  AS and Dua Mubarak for Our Beloved Moula Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin Tus. 

Watching these Children recite Quran at such a tender age reminded us of another kalaam mubarak of Moulana Ali As 
Nakhlun Inshallah

  • Centre:MSB Nasik
  • Date:02 Dec,2022

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