Saturday Activities - Secondary

Saturday Activities - Secondary:

Home Science

Class V to VIII

The session on gardening for Home Science was very special as it was a part of the Children’s Day celebration. 

The session commenced with a presentation that explained how a baby plant and a human child have similarities. Just like plants have their needs for a healthy growth, similarly children need to be taken care of and looked after. 

This was followed by a demonstration of the Kokedama technique of gardening. The video resource for the same was also uploaded on Google classroom for reference. 

As a memorabilia for the children’s day this year students were encouraged to use the Kokedama technique of planting to grow a sapling named after themselves and nurture it with love and care to watch it bloom and blossom. 

Everyday Science

Class V

Students enjoyed doing an array of activities where the day started with a lot of zeal and zest doing "Minute to win it" Science games in the Everyday Science class.

Class VI and VII

The students of classes 6 and 7 combined fun with science on Children’s day by participating in a science treasure hunt.

The activity helped the children to think in a scientific way and find objects around them from a scientific point of view.

The children were given a list of clues related to science. The children had to find objects related to the clues within their house and take a picture with it and send it to the teacher.

The students had fun looking for the objects and were able to look at different objects from a scientific point of view.

Work Education-Family Nutrition

Class VIII to X

A Career Guidance Program for the students of grades 8, 9, and 10 was conducted with the aim to introduce students to SWOT analysis and make them realize the value of self-introspection. The session began with a short interactive game after which the students were briefed about the importance of setting up personal goals in life and how it helps make their vision for the future clearer. Questionnaires based on areas of interest and SWOT analysis were also shared with the students. Overall it was an interactive and successful session with the students looking forward to the next phase of this program.


Class V to VII

In the Language building activity the students of grades V to VII were introduced to Acrostic poems. It helped to build their self-confidence in writing. The session was initiated with the explanation of the details of the poem and the techniques of writing the same.  A brainstorming session was conducted to find the letter specific words. Students were guided to use the dictionary for  using appropriate words. They were also guided to use short phrase or words only and were encouraged to write complete sentences.

  • Centre:MSB Pune
  • Date:13 Nov,2021

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