Saturday Activities - Primary

Saturday Activities - Primary:

Mind Fest 

The history of technology is in many ways, a story of great inventors and their brilliant inventions. Students were acquainted with the inventors like Wright Brothers, Joseph Fry, Bill Gates, Henry Ford and Nicola Tesla and their fantastic ideas which helped to change the society.



Cause and effect skill was focused this week during the class. It was highlighted how one thing can cause something else to happen. Students were able to understand that ‘cause’ is why something happened and the ‘effect’ is what happened. This skill has enabled the students to think analytically and be more willing to accept the consequences of their own actions- whether good or bad.


Budding Scientist

Our Budding Scientist enriched their minds with engaging activities like the Invisible ink, Distillation Process and Optical Illusion.


Home Science

The students participated in an activity where they learnt the correct method of sowing seeds in a pot. The different types of seeds that are commonly available in households were shown. Students were encouraged to grow their own herb garden in their houses. The session was concluded with a presentation that explained how a baby plant and a human child have similarities. Just like plants add colour and happiness to their surroundings, similarly, children add colour and happiness to the lives of their family, friends and other relatives.

  • Centre:MSB Pune
  • Date:13 Nov,2021

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