Childrens Day

Childrens Day:

Children’s Day Celebration on 15.11.2021

The morning of 15th November awaited a surprise for the Pre-Primary students as they saw their teacher enter the classroom dressed as a magician. Simple magic tricks were shown which made the students' eyes sparkle in awe. 


A presentation was shown highlighting the importance of the Children’s day celebration. 

The students were then asked to fasten their seatbelts as they were going to have more fun at the ‘Walt Disney Park’. Thus, began the delightful journey of sitting in an airplane and going off on a virtual trip to Orlando. The ‘Disney Express Bus’ took them to the ‘Walt Disney Park’ where they saw 4 different theme parks and enjoyed the rides.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse came to see them off and they left to return to India.

A DIY activity of making a pin-wheel was done to remind them of their trip by air to Disneyland.

The students were a little sad as their special day came to an end and thanked the teacher for making them happy. Parents too were very appreciative of the love, care and effort put in by the teachers.

  • Centre:MSB Pune
  • Date:13 Nov,2021

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