With the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, there has been a "massive disruption" to children's physical activities. It is important to help our children engage in activities which would help them deal with the stress that they have been through when their presence was virtual and their circle of communication restricted. 
As this year Aqa Maula's major focus is on "healthy mind dwells in a healthy body", MSB Nasik took an initiative to organize FUNATHON for our little sportsmen.
There were drills(practice rounds), finals and bomb shell activity for are co partners.
The races were as follows:
NURSERY- Plank race and flat race
LKG- Crab race and flat race
PRE FIRST- Jumping jack race and flat race.

Funathon aimed to make children realise that no virtual game can give the pleasure that is experienced physically with our school mates. The excitement was unbelievable and the event was a hit!

  • Centre:MSB Nasik
  • Date:29 Oct,2021

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