2nd International Inter MSB Elocution Competition

2nd International Inter MSB Elocution Competition:

The 2nd International Inter MSB Elocution Competition

In every competition, there are two types of opponents. One is primary and the other is secondary. The secondary opponents are the ones whom we compete with but the primary opponent is none other than our own self.

Remember, if our focus is to beat the primary opponent (our own selves) by becoming better than what we were before, then we have won the competition!

It immensely satisfies us to share that MSB Bhopal bettered its previous performance and secured the 3rd position out of 20 participating centres, in the overall standings.

Finalist in three categories:
1. Mustansir Saify Declamation.
2. Khadija Telwala
  Poetry Recitation.
3. Khadija Bohari, Batul Saifee and Murtaza Burhanuddin Story Building

These young students brought glory to our school.

The ecstasy of celebration was brought in by our young
story builders who became the runners up in the finals with an excellently knitted story on a refrigerator.

We congratulate all the participants and their parents. 

Our achievements are the result of our teachers' incessant efforts over a period of time from the first elocution competition to the second. The challenges were galore but we learned to overcome them successfully. 

  • Centre:MSB Bhopal
  • Date:09 Oct,2021

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