Live Talk

Live Talk:

I look in the mirror and what do i see,

I see the me no one else can be.

I am precious, I am glad to be me,

My hair, my face, my personality.

To corroborate this confidence within each one MSB Nasik conducts Personality Development Session right from kindergarten. These sessions helps them to break the barriers, overcome fear of public speaking, develop leadership skills and give a new Dimension to their life.

According to American writer William Arthur Ward, “The ordinary teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” Thus, prior to each session, we teachers perform accordingly to demonstrate the required outcome. Topic for this round was Live Talk. Performances were based on following theme-


NURSERY- Flowers

LKG- Fruits

PRE FIRST- Animals

It succoured them to use their body language, boost confidence, create eye contact, make friends and develop strong relationships with others.

  • Centre:MSB Nasik
  • Date:24 Sep,2021

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